Friday, March 3, 2017


“Canst thou minister to a mind diseased?”
-       Macbeth Act V, Scene 3

What drives a congressman to ignore the needs or pleas of his constituents to favor the promises of a lobbyist?

And what leads him to oppose his fellows with vitriol, just short of violence?

What causes a tense policeman to fire round after round into an unarmed black?

What prompts the leader to send our sons and daughters to distant lands to slaughter other mother’s sons in battle to gain our ends?

Genes we inherit control eye color, body type and predisposition to certain diseases.

But could there be a gene, a remnant of our primordial past,

A gene for greed, which makes one crave more wealth, more power or prestige than everyone else?

It could explain the urge for crime and why we go to war.

If we could identify and extirpate that gene,

Then perhaps we all could live securely and in peace.