Friday, January 6, 2017

Hilton Head Hiatus

Just finished reading Bob Woodward’s excellent book, The Last of the President’s Men in which he interviews Alexander Butterfield, the man who revealed the secret tapes in the Oval Office.  This led to Nixon’s resignation putting an end to the Watergate Affair. This book is a timely coda to the present daily media feeding frenzy , which I imagine, most Americans are obliged to endure. Last night, on a TV news channel program, Joe Biden challenged Trump “Grow up, Donald, grow up! Become an adult and show us what you can do . . . “

I’m here in South Carolina with Connie and Ray, my guide dog, dodging Connecticut cold, ice and snow for the fourth year. We love the Low Country, immortalized by the novels of Pat Conroy, with its friendly folk, Gullah Community, restaurants, and cultural opportunities.  This is also a great place to wait with bated  breath to listen to Obama’s Farewell Address and to see if Donald Trump is really sworn in, and  hear his Inauguration Speech to a Republican Congress. Then, we can watch the Republican’s squirm as they try to substitute a healthcare program for the Obamacare they have sworn to repeal .

Glad they have beaches here.

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