Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Like a string of Chinese firecrackers the media provides viewers, listeners, and readers with almost daily accounts of misdemeanors, crimes, and investigations of government officials. Unfortunately, that’s where they all end. We don’t learn of arrests, trials, or convictions, and we are left waiting for resolution. For example, the media has described accounts of General Michael Flynn said to be illegal. Why has General Flynn not been arrested and brought before a grand jury to determine if the media’s assertions are true and an indictment leading to a trial? This is only one example. The same question could be asked of Jared Kushner, those congressmen on an investigating committee who refused to answer questions, and of course Donald Trump. There is no resolution. Even the crowd in the Place de la Concord had the satisfaction of seeing the accused meet the guillotine. Supposedly the President cannot be charged or tried for high crimes or misdemeanors, but could be impeached by a Senate with sufficient testicular material.  In extremis could the Supreme Court pull the plug on the Executive Administration? Could the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs arrest the Commander in Chief on charges if incompetance, insanity or treason? To use a cliché, our country in a like a ship on the sea without a man at the helm, helplessly floundering to adverse winds and storms subject to any enemy. A madman is leading our country. We desperately need a qualified person at the helm of our nation, and we need one soon. Very soon.

Friday, March 3, 2017


“Canst thou minister to a mind diseased?”
-       Macbeth Act V, Scene 3

What drives a congressman to ignore the needs or pleas of his constituents to favor the promises of a lobbyist?

And what leads him to oppose his fellows with vitriol, just short of violence?

What causes a tense policeman to fire round after round into an unarmed black?

What prompts the leader to send our sons and daughters to distant lands to slaughter other mother’s sons in battle to gain our ends?

Genes we inherit control eye color, body type and predisposition to certain diseases.

But could there be a gene, a remnant of our primordial past,

A gene for greed, which makes one crave more wealth, more power or prestige than everyone else?

It could explain the urge for crime and why we go to war.

If we could identify and extirpate that gene,

Then perhaps we all could live securely and in peace. 

Saturday, January 28, 2017

May Day!!

Having read the post of John Gartner, a Johns Hopkins’ psychotherapist, who confirms our president is a “malignant narcissist”, something most of us already knew. I recognize that our country is in d.d.d. (deep do-do). How can we get rid of Trump? Pence comes next followed by Paul Ryan.  What we need is Superman or Bat Man or Spider Man or an aggressive Democrat or even a moderate Republican.  May Day, May Day, May Day!!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Inauguration Day

Donald J. Trump comes on the scene like a dictatorial Mussolini, playing with social media and trumpeting the personal pronoun. His disregard of American traditions and flouting nepotism shows his contempt for his opponents and supporters alike. The fanfare of ruffles, flourishes, and Hail to the Chief, reserved for our Commander in Chief, should be retitled Hail to the Creep. The next four years appear to be a sentence, punishment for our neglect, responsibility, and duty to exercise our franchise.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Hilton Head Hiatus

Just finished reading Bob Woodward’s excellent book, The Last of the President’s Men in which he interviews Alexander Butterfield, the man who revealed the secret tapes in the Oval Office.  This led to Nixon’s resignation putting an end to the Watergate Affair. This book is a timely coda to the present daily media feeding frenzy , which I imagine, most Americans are obliged to endure. Last night, on a TV news channel program, Joe Biden challenged Trump “Grow up, Donald, grow up! Become an adult and show us what you can do . . . “

I’m here in South Carolina with Connie and Ray, my guide dog, dodging Connecticut cold, ice and snow for the fourth year. We love the Low Country, immortalized by the novels of Pat Conroy, with its friendly folk, Gullah Community, restaurants, and cultural opportunities.  This is also a great place to wait with bated  breath to listen to Obama’s Farewell Address and to see if Donald Trump is really sworn in, and  hear his Inauguration Speech to a Republican Congress. Then, we can watch the Republican’s squirm as they try to substitute a healthcare program for the Obamacare they have sworn to repeal .

Glad they have beaches here.