Tuesday, December 13, 2016

My First Novel

           One day, about fifteen years ago, I was wondering what my father’s reaction would be to present-day technology. He was an engineer and would have been amazed by DNA, the Internet and man walking on the Moon. These musings lead me to write my first novel called Stranger in Time. Here, is a brief description of the story:

            The American Revolution is over and Daniel Rowland, a young farmer, is digging clams on a beach in Guilford, Connecticut when a strange cloud overwhelms him. He awakens in the 21st century, awed by technology and bewildered by the lightning-pace of modern life. Daniel is regarded as an imposter despite his familiarity with obscure details of colonial life. With his wife and unborn son in the distant past, Daniel lives on the fringe of society, struggling to make a life for himself. He experiences crime, murder, and medical problems. Legal complications arise when Daniel tries to reclaim his farm lost in the intervening centuries, finally getting help from a present day descendent.

            If this piques your interest, check out my website www.ellner.com for more details.

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