Sunday, October 2, 2011

American BW Experiments on Americans

When writing my novel, And Evil Shall Come, I remember how startled I was to learn about the temerity of our government in performing field tests of biologic agents on unsuspecting American communities.

For example, in 1950, ships of the U.S. Navy sprayed a cloud of bacteria over San Francisco. Many residents became ill with pneumonia-like symptoms. Three years later, in experiments conducted jointly by the Army, Navy and the CIA, the populations of New York and San Francisco were deliberately exposed to airborne bacteria.

Most of these tests utilized organisms believed to be non-infectious (non-pathogenic). However, present day populations contain significant numbers of individuals whose resistance to infection have been compromised by underlying diseases like AIDS, cancer, or by medical treatments. These persons might have been infected by the test organisms. Of course, information about these experiments was classified at the time.

The government continued with these experiments without the knowledge or consent of the “guinea pig” populace. In 1956 and again in 1958, the U.S. Army released mosquitoes infected with yellow fever over Savannah, Georgia and Avon Park, Florida. Some people became ill and some died. At the time, I was teaching at the University of Florida’s College of Medicine, but the results of this experiment were kept secret.

In 1966, the U.S. Army dispensed bacteria throughout the New York City subway system, exposing more than a million civilians to these germs. During this time, I was teaching in New York City at Columbia’s College of Physicians and Surgeons, but again knew nothing of these tests.

Two years later, a U.S. submarine sprayed bacteria over the island of Oahu.

In 1972, President Nixon signed an Executive Order banning the production and use of biological agents, and the above type of tests on Americans appeared to be halted.

By the 1980s, details of the above experiments were de-classified and became public knowledge.

But in 1994, Dr. Garth Nicolson, of the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, made a startling discovery. Using a technique called “gene tracking”, he found that many American soldiers returning from Desert Storm were infected with an altered strain of Mycoplasma incognitus, a microbe commonly used in the production of biological weapons. The molecular structure of this organism contains 40 percent of the protein coat of Human Immuno-deficiency Virus, the cause of AIDS. This observation indicates that the organism was man-made.

I find this frightening. It strongly suggests that government agencies may be covertly using its citizens, civilian or military, as guinea pigs for research on biological weapons.

For a detailed non-fiction description of biological weapons, read Germs: Biological Weapons and America’s Secret War by Judith Miller et al, Simon and Schuster 2002. For an exciting story on the subject of biological weapons and mini-nukes, read my book And Evil Shall Come that may be obtained from my website