Monday, August 1, 2011

Visiting "And Evil Shall Come"

In writing And Evil Shall Come, I relied upon experiences, readings and places I’ve visited.  I believe that these experiences not only lent more credibility to my story but also provided more realism and, I hope, more interest.  It also gave me a better starting point for the various targets and methods of terrorism in my story.  For example, after delivering a paper at an International Congress in Jerusalem, I had the opportunity of visiting a kibbutz, one of Israel’s communal agricultural settlements. I used this kibbutz in my book as a target for a germ attack that started an epidemic.

Some years back I was asked to give a series of lectures in Medellin, Colombia.  Afterwards, I flew to Leticia, a city at the bottom of the country known as “the asshole of Colombia.”  From there I took a small launch up the Amazon River and visited a Ticuna village.  Later, when writing the book, I used this location for an attack with a deadly hybrid virus.

After reading about a miniature drone helicopter developed by the Yamaha Motor Company that could deliver a small load to an agricultural target before returning to its base, I used this helicopter in my book as a means of spraying the smallpox virus on an Israeli kibbutz and anthrax spores on Washington, D.C.

It’s possible that some readers may have visited the locations that I used in my story as targets for biological attacks, and might imagine standing in that very place during an attack, wondering about the deadly consequences.